Popham Vintage Fly in 08

Sunday, 11 May, being such a wonderful summer's day, prompted two outings. The first being the Basingstoke Historic Transport Festival and then later in the afternoon a move a few miles away to a little airfield, Popham. Home of the "Spitfire Flying Club" Popham hosts regular event during the year.
This, the de Havilland & vintage fly in seemed well attended and although I only arrived after 15.00, there was still enough happening to have a lovely late afternoon there. Amazingly, one gets to wonder around the planes and right up to the runway, with only common sense prevailing. A situation much appreciated by the photographers present. Long may common sense rule. Anyhow, for the enthusiasts among us, I hope you enjoy the two pages of images. Shooting was done, with sun at +-2 o'clock high, using the Bigma.

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