Dunsfold Wings & Wheels 2010

Drove through to Dunsfold Park yesterday (yes, that's where Top Gear is filmed) for their annual Wings & Wheels show.  Awesome day out considering it did not rain for a change & I even have some blue shy background... Yes, that alone deserves a wow this year. It's an show that I can highly recommend, very organised, well laid out with loads of stalls, food & other entertainment scattered around. Couple that with a few historic flights & I'm a happy chap.
Note to show organisers though.... don't penalise the early arrivers by making them park right upfront by the walk through entrance as this means they have to wait 3 hours for the cars to clearout after the show. Rather give those enthusiasts that arrive early (e.g. before 08.30) a choice whether to park right up at the entrance or closer to the exit. I'd even pay more to park closer to the exit and walk further than spend hours sitting in my car waiting for all the later arrivals who park closer to the gates to get going. Just a thought!



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