Kruger Park Jan 2006

Spent a few days at Ngwenya Lodge next to the Kruger & managed to pop into the Kruger for a few visits. Most images taken at high ISO's (up to 1600) due to the rainy weather. Lighting was very dull. Check out the "tourista idiota" species below.........


Blou Kop Koggelmander camoflaged against the bark

Hippo's & croc giving each other the eye.

Mutual respect

Chinspot Batis

Natural colours in rock formation.

Burchell's Coucal

African Green Pigeon

His lower tusks have grown through upper lip.

See the holes in the upper lip?

Hippo asserting dominance

Wahlberg's Eagle (Pale form)

Fruit Bat

Millipede feeding on a dead cricket.

Lilac Breasted Roller

Woodland Kingfisher

Warthog with some serious tusks.

Black Bellied Bustard


Lilac Breasted Roller

Little Egret

Hyena Pup

African Buffalo


Yellow Billed Hornbill

Black Winged Stilt

African Jakana

Common Sandpiper


The first set taken at Sunset dam outside Lower Sabie. The one chap was even throwing stones into the water at the hippo's & croc's.

And these IDIOTS

Hanging out of their cars, less that 3m from the lion cubs above. Guess they've never seen adult lions returning to their cubs from behind!!!




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