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TFP/ CD with Proglam

Proglam is willing to enter into TFP/ CD agreements with models to the mutual benefit of both photographer & model. Models and others wanting to have photo's added to their portfolio are encouraged to contact me to discuss this option.
Proglam reserves the right without prejudice to decide with whom to perform TFP/ CD assignments.

What is TFP /CD

It is important for photographers and models to keep their portfolios up-to-date.
Often photographers and models can work with one another and exchange services to keep both of their portfolios current without incurring significant expenses. A model will agree to pose for a photographer in exchange for a set number of prints (time-for-print) or print-worthy versions of the images if the photographer works in digital format (time-for-CD).

Time-for-print and time-for-CD sessions can be a great opportunity for both photographers and models to work with each other for mutual benefit at very little expense.

How does this work

If a photographer is looking to strengthen a particular area of his or her portfolio, he or she might seek out one or more models to work with for a particular style of shoot. Alternately, a model looking to gain experience or to add a particular look to his or her own portfolio might seek out a photographer that can help in that area. If both parties see the opportunity to work together to be of mutual benefit, they can agree to make it a TFP / TFCD session. TFP / TFCD sessions have a related agreement just like a standard photo session.

Models should expect to sign a model release, though the release is likely unique to TFP / TFCD sessions and should expect a quick turnaround of the prints or images to be provided in exchange for their modeling. These agreements should be documented similar to a standard photo session, and both parties are expected to work in a professional manner.

The model should get a chance to review the photos taken during the session. For a TFP session, this will be a review of the proof sheets from the film rolls taken. For a TFCD session, this may be an in-person review on a computer, or the photographer may make the photos available through a web site for review.

The model and photographer should reach an agreement on which images will be used to provide the prints or print-worthy CD of images to fulfill the session agreement. However, the final decision generally lies with the photographer. The agreement should provide a timeframe for the performance of this review as well as the provision of the prints or the image CD.

What can be done with the images

This all depends on the agreement reached between the model and the photographer at the time of the session or before. Each TFP / TFCD session should have an associated documented agreement which is signed prior to the start of the session. This agreement should outline the details of the session, how many prints or print-ready images are to be provided from the session, estimated time frames, what can and can't be done with the images after the session is over, and any related compensation that may come from the use of the images after the session. This agreement is a legal contract, so it is important to read it carefully before signing.

Example of the TFP/ CD agreement.                         Examples of other agreements you may encounter 




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