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 In the light of my announcement  that my family & I will be leaving SA shortly (due to crime we have experienced), my wife, being a huge Steve Hofmeyr fan listed as one of her top 5 regrets that she would not get the chance to attend another Steve concert & that I had yet to get any photo's of Steve to add to our collection of SA artist photo's which will be displayed proudly on our soon to be "new wall of fame" in out new home over there. Knowing we only have 3 weeks left here, I mailed his webmaster who suggested a solution. Attend a filming of "Dis hoe dit is", Steve's TV chat show. I immediately logged onto the booking system & managed to get a booking for Thursday as a surprise for her.
We've watched the show for years, but what a wonderful evening out last it was attending it live. Highly recommended!  We were also able to get a table right in front of the stage & her evening was made when Steve dropped a comment on her "Blue Bulls" shirt. Steve has a fantastic sense of humour & kept us entertained for over 3 hours. His guest interviews roll so smoothly & are so relaxed that everyone feels quite at home, even when he delves into some of their more personal details. Actress Liz Meiring was coerced into talking about her pole dancing & singer Bea Le Roux was surprised when her boyfriend proposed to her on the show in the middle of her interview.  Thanks to Steve & his production team for a fantastic evening. I also have to add the link to Steve's blog, which makes for some interesting daily reading. Pop over & have a look.

Best of all for me was that they allowed photo's as long as no flash was used. Good old D70 performed at ISO 1600 with just the stage lighting to deliver these images below. I only had my 28-300mm with me and although not the best lens for using in these conditions, adaptability prevailed & the combination delivered. So I have my Steve shots, my wife has something for the wall & we have reason to come back at attend another Steve event so we can get the photo's signed as we have with the other performers.




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