Patricia Lewis 

Hillfox was packed last night as SA's Blonde Bombshell entertained. Despite the typical criticism that one hears occasionally, she really is a super entertainer. She probably has the best stage personality of any of the SA singers. Dressed in a sexy top she described  as "very safe" this buxom blonde brought on stage Sean, the winner of her "Supersterre" TV show. Although still in school, Sean had won against hundreds of other contestants. Although he only performed 2 songs before going off to another show, the crowd was ecstatic. Patricia has raised the bench with regards to singing contests, far surpassing the "Idols" type of show, by offering offering millions of Rands worth of  prizes and setting extremely high levels for the winner to reach. Patricia wrapped up her show with covers from groups like Clout & ABBA. Apart from the threatening rain, the show was an amazing success.
Shooting was done with the 70-200 at ISO1600, with WB set on incandescent. Tv priority on 320th.




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