Not sure why it is, but SA has, without doubt, some of the most stunningly beautiful singers. Not only do they look great, but they sound incredible. Nadine is one of those. Spent some time last night at Hillfox with Nadine performing her year end show there. Singing some of her most popular songs to an incredibly enthusiastic crowd she had the place riveted to the stage. Hers is music to drive by. Slap in a Nadine CD & I can guarantee the trip will just seem easier. Hats off to Nadine as well for staying almost two & half hours after the show signing posters, pictures, caps etc. Constantly with a smile and ready to have a few words with everyone.
Not at all the easiest person to shoot on stage. Like Amor Vittone, she is a bundle of energy & never stops moving. Last night saw me shoot both at ISO1600 (f3.5 at s/s 250) flashless relying on the stage lighting & with flash at ISO400 (here I used the 70-200 at around F3.5 to f4 at a s/s of 400). I think I tend to lean towards the flashless shots as they just have more ambience (despite the grain), but I'd love to know what you folk think, so let me know via the comments page.





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