Juanita du Plessis performs at Maloney's

I got to see Juanita performing at Maloneys's Grill in Roodepoort. Promised them I give them a plug here on my site & quite happy to do just that based on the actual experience. I had noticed that Juanita was performing there on her website
and popped around to ask if they reserve tables. I booked one & arranged for a few mates to go along.  Arrival on Wednesday evening was a pleasant surprise. Well organized door control, taken straight to our table & really super service all evening by waitress Lana. The pub itself filled up rapidly & I estimate well over 400 people. Despite the large crowd, the evening was not marred by any nasty incidents which tend to occur so often in pubs around Gauteng. I'm pretty sure the huge imposing doorman has something to do with that. Maloney's seem to have regular show on hosting singers like Robbie Wessels, Steve Hofmeyre, The Campbells etc. I'm hoping to get a list of their upcoming events & will post them here on the site. Bar prices were very reasonable. Maloney's details: Cnr CR Swart & Ontdekkers Rd, Roodepoort. Tel: 011-768-6129  Fax: 011-768-2469

Juanita ( www.juanita.co.za ) was absolutely fantastic as usual. Gracious & beautiful, her performance standard is very high & very polished. She ran through most of her hit songs & the crowd response was roof lifting. She's just released a new CD (Altyd Daar which is a Gospel CD). Being the star she is, after the show she happily posed outside the pub for images with some fans. I've included some below. I've said it before & will say it again... don't miss the chance to see her performing live.

Lighting during the show was not ideal for shooting without a flash & not wanting to be firing off the SB600 in her face, I resolved to shoot a few using the onboard flash. Not ideal, I know, but the SB600 can be very off putting to a performer not expecting that intensity in their eyes. I used the 70-200 f2.8 set at 200th. With the place as packed as it was, it was not easy getting a comfortable spot from which to shoot and I was shooting over heads & between dancing people, but she did pose for a nice close up outside afterwards. Thanks Juanita.





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