Juanita du Plessis

Wow!!! Now this was a hot show. Stunning local singer performing at Firkins in Pretoria last night. This lass sounds awesome, looks great & supports the Blue Bulls Rugby Team. Not much wrong there......
As for the evening, well she certainly drew the crowd, entertained with amazing stage presence & to top it off she was gracious enough at the end, to join the "masses" & sign everything from copies of  her latest CD (I got a signed one), shirts and even a few arms.
I guess it is that attitude that separates performers from "great" performers. Well done Juanita!!!!
As for the photo techno info... really low light with flashing stage lighting. ISO 1600 which accounts for the graininess, no flash with a 70-300mm at 320th. Oh, & since the place was so packed it was really difficult to move around so that accounts for the limited number of angles I was able to shoot from.

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