Amor Vittone

Got to attend another fabulous show by Amor on Sunday. All part of her new CD launch. She had the crowd rocking. No doubt in my mind that this is her best CD yet.
Never quite sure though what the promoters are thinking when scheduling these things, ha ha. 12pm is the most horrid time of the day from a photographic perspective. I guess they see it from the perspective of having the largest audience possible in attendance and yep, lunch time at the Centurion Mall waterfront would be it. Still I had a ball and fired off bundles of shots despite the sun being directly overhead. Fortunately Amor, gorgeous & fun that she is makes getting the shot a pleasure. Even in the blistering heat (what with my ears still recovering from the sunburn sustained at the AAD airshow in Cape Town last week). I'm going to catch her performing in sweet light one of these days.... I just know it.
For anyone that has the opportunity to see her performing live... do it. She has the most amazing stage personality & I'm pleased to say signed some of the photo's taken at the last show I attended for my "wall of fame". Oh, and did I mention "Voluit" is her best CD to date :-)
Anyhow, since we were quite a distance from the stage, I pulled out the Bigma. Shot a a combination ISO200 & 400 lowest F-stop. Due to the position of the sun I had to blow out the sky in the background to to light her up as much as possible. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

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