Amor Vittone

I received a call on Tuesday from Andre saying that Amor would be performing this weekend in Pretoria. I have been wanting to get some photo's of her for ages, so took the opportunity & headed to Pta on Saturday morning. Turns out it was the release of her new CD "Voluit" combined with the give away of a boat trip as first prize in a Verimark competition. It's a fantastic CD & I was able to get a signed copy on it's first day of release. This being the first time I shot her in performance, I found her to be a very gracious performer offering stunning opportunities for lovely shots & does not hold the microphone to her mouth constantly like so many others. And what a stunning smile she has. Best wishes with the new CD, Amor & here's hoping to catch you in action again soon.
Shooting was done with 70-200 , without flash mostly at F2.8 - 3.5 at ISO 800 upwards leaving some grain, but that's fairly inevitable shooting live shows. WB was somewhat tricky as there were lights positioned for the TV cameras and at the same time sunlight pouring in from a skylight directly above. WB settings were for direct sunlight.





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