LISOF Graduation 2006

Recently spent a fantastic evening shooting the 2006 year end show of the London International School of Fashion (LISOF). This is the second year that I have covered this even on behalf of . On the following 3 pages you'll see just a few of the 1000+ images taken during the two shows as well as a few candid shots behind the scenes. The standard of fashion presented was excellent and I must congratulate all the students., especially the winners of the various awards. Details & images of the winners & highlights of the fashion designs will be appearing on soon, so make a point of visiting there to catch all the info.

As for the shooting data, I used the 70-200 f2.8 set on f4. ISO varied from 1000 to 1600 and shutter speed was dependent on that, but I generally aimed to keep it greater than 200th. Unfortunately, my nemesis, "backlighting" was present in the form of 2 revolving coloured spotlights. I was never sure where the bright  glare was going to appear behind the model to upset my exposure. One or two lights mounted to light the front of the models would also have been most appreciated. That said, it was a most enjoyable evening, albeit some what challenging. Thanks to LISOF & for the opportunity.

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