Johannesburg Fashion Week 2007   Page 1
I was fortunate to cover this event, just 2 weeks before leaving South Africa for the UK. This event was held over four days at the Nalson Mandala Square in Sandton, Johannesburg. Showcasing some of SA's top designers and supported by the public with fully booked shows throughout.
Although sad that I'll not be covering these in SA in the foreseeable future, I hope to be up and shooting events here in UK soon. I have only selected from some of the close up's & 1/2 body shots for my pages here. The full length images are available on  (SA's foremost fashion website)
These images were shot using 70-200 f2.8 using available stage lighting only at ISO's greater than 1000. Ave aperture around f3.5 at s/s of 320th.

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