Nokia Face of Africa 2006

I was fortunate to be invited by M-Net to cover the finals of the Nokia Face of Africa 2006 competition.  After a trip by by bus to Sun City, from the M-Net offices in Randburg, the photog's were given a short briefing & taken to the Super Bowl to see the layout & given a chance to see the rehearsals. By 16.30 we had arranged ourselves & were ready for the 10.00 live cross over to M-Net. The finals were broadcast live throughout Africa. Namibian born, 18 year old Venantia Otto took the crown & won amongst other prizes a $150000 modeling contract in USA.
As for the photog's, we had a wonderful day bantering about photography, techniques & kit. The images below were predominantly shot in RAW at ISO1600 with a D70 & Sigma 70-200 lens. Shutter speed 200th priority.
Thanks to M-Net for the opportunity & acting as hosts for the day.


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