Miss SA & Miss SA Teen 2006

Wonderful event this year. Once again held at the Sun City Super bowl & broadcast live on TV. Megan Coleman and Zizo Beda were crowned Miss SA and Miss SA Teen respectively.  I'll leave the commentary of the show for you to read up on www.ifashion.co.za  on who's behalf I was once again able to cover the show.
Shooting was done with 70-200 f2.8. Distance to the stage from the photog's "crows nest" was approx 50m, hence a number of these are somewhat cropped. I shot at ISO1600 throughout the show as we were not allowed flash due to the live broadcast. Not that flash would have made much difference from that distance. A 600mmm f4 (as some of the news media were using) would definitely have been a blessing, but until I some kind benefactor/ sponsor would like to offer me one, the 200mm certainly delivered. Once the live broadcast was over, we were able to 'rush" the stage for close ups. Here I switched to flash at ISO400. Results were very pleasing. The same settings were used at the press conference. Once again the D70 performed superbly.





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