Toronto GP Auto Expo

Spent two awesome days recently at the Toronto Grand Prix & Auto Show. What an incredible event. 10's of thousands of people and 1000's of cars on display. The GP itself was really tricky to shoot due to the high safety fences and most of the track photos were shot through 1 or 2 fences which just shows what a shallow DOF is capable of.  Below are just a few  photo's of the Auto Show  & GP. Some great shots of the Auto Show Babes under the "Glamour/Fashion" section.
ISO 200 & 400 shot (indoors with flash) using the Sigma 28-300. For the track shots I used the Bigma. Both of these as  versatile travel lenses were great although the Bigma adds quite a weight to the carry on bag taken on the plane for a 36hr trip.


Awesome artwork

The sign reads....

Don't touch this car unless you are NUDE. Buckles & studs scrath the paint work.

The other side

Trophy winner

No good for 4x4

This is good for 4x4

Bouncing shocks


Interia artwork

Look at that bonnet (hood)

Practice laps

Canadian flag next to the CN Tower.

Tallest free standing tower in the world.

Sound system

More sound

Power plant for the bouncing shocks

The Toronto GP

Thunder Alley grandstand

After the wipe out

Engine work

Awesome interia

Team truck



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