EAA 2006 Wonderboom

Spent a super day at Wonderboom yesterday. Beautiful sunny autumn day. The show was great & not as crowded as I thought it would be. Great to find a place to shoot from , but I would have liked to see far more support for the show. Unfortunately due to the layout of the runways & the flight line, most of the shooting done until about 14.00 is into the sun. Not great. Things improve greatly in the later afternoon. (Page 2). Special mention must be made regarding Brian Eminis & his commentary team who did a sterling job throughout the day, keeping spectators informed about the events & details about the planes & pilots. Scully Levin (The legend) performed his 100th landing on the back of a truck and later flew a spectacular display in a SAA 737-800 in the new Star Alliance colours.
These all shot using the Bigma. Selected shutter speed 800 or 1000th, handheld.

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