Vereeniging Airshow & TRAGEDY

Just got home from the Vereeniging air show. One of the Sasol Tigers crashed killing both pilot (Gabriel Ndabandaba, 27) & co-pilot/ safety officer (Johnny Hattingh, 48). Gabriel was South Africa's first black civilian aerobatic pilot.
The squad was coming towards us and as they were about to climb, one banked off to the left away from the crowd to prepare for their solo display. I shot the bank and the next second a ball of flame. My heartfelt sympathies to the family & friends of the deceased. I have watched them many times as I am sure many of the members here have & they have always managed to thrill us with their awesome displays. I have posted some of the photo's of the accident below in honour of the pilots who lost their lives. The Sasol Tigers site can be visited at . I suppose the way I will remember this day, is watching two brave men doing what they loved to the end.

  Welcome to the L-29 Tiger Formation Aerobatic Team website...  


Netcare 911, SAP & Army doing their display

Sasol Tigers. In formation turing in towards us.

Sasol Tiger breaking away to the left away from the crowd.

We'll never know what it took for the pilot to pull away from us, but many people owe their lives to this selfless action.

1 Second later

As the plane hit the ground

Emergency services

The next few show the emergency services rushing to the scene. Unfortunately there was nothing they could have done.







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