Redbull Air Race London 2007

Got up at 5am on Sat 28 Jul to catch the train to London. It's about an hour trip to Waterloo, where I met up with my cousin Ken & caught the tube to Greenwich. Here Redbull was holding the London leg of the races over a section of the Thames. We were first at the gate so after about an hours wait got into the standing area right up front. The weather was fine, with some cloud that came & went throughout the day. It was a qualifying day so each pilot got to have a test run and then two qualifying sessions each consisting of two runs through the course. D70 & Bigma once again delivered admirably despite the plane going through this tight circuit at around 400km/h. These chaps really are among the worlds best pilots and this is visible watching them throwing these little planes around the sky. Fantastic stuff. Unfortunately many of the pictures are marred by the horrid background provided by construction sites, cranes, dilapidated buildings and even a huge waste metal dump across from where we were standing. Very nice of the City of London to allow the races to be held in the city over the Thames, but from a photographic perspective, maybe a different section should be considered for future events. Some of the crowd control chaps were also a right pain in the ass, allowing their friends to stand in front of us in the disabled area and were no held what so ever in getting them to duck down for the photographers who were standing in the correct places, going so far as to stand right in the way and just stare blankly back when asked to please move. Come on organisers, this should not happen!  (Also shown are a few planes flying over us from London City Airport)

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