Airbus A380 arrival in South Africa

Spent the early morning out next to the runway at Johannesburg International Airport awaiting the arrival of the A380, which was coming in for a few test flights. When she arrived on time at 8am, her true scale astounded all the folk waiting. We had seen a few other planes coming in, including a few 747's, but the sheer bulk of this plane is awe inspiring.
The first six images below show the A380 approach from the east to landing. The balance of the images are a few of the other planes that came in while sitting there.
Images were taken with the Bigma, although the sheer size of the A380 meant that I was zoomed way out. Since I was not looking for any particular movement, I shot at 800th, except for the prop planes where I wanted some pro movement & dropped to 500th.   
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